Performance Ra​tio = 208 W/m2

Your Roof Your Independence

B-InRoof Systems for your BIPV projects

Engineering innovation must meet with simplification. This is our belief at B-InRoof Systems. We combined the three installation stages of solar roof system into one single process. Not only for homes, but also for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) projects.
- Roofing -
- Solar rack -
- Solar panels -
Therefore, power from your roof becomes more affordable.

No Installation  Limit

There are three sizes of the panel frames. This allows installation of solar panels visually at every areas of the roof.

Potential higher Installed power and generation from the ​roof can therefore be maximized. 

Low Pitch

Capitalising on the double standing seam roofing technology, we succeeded in bringing you solar roof with the lowest possible pitch.

The well wrapped installation procedures guarantee leakage-free system for the life-span of the panel frames. 

Beautiful  Aesthetic Look

The advantages of the double standing seam technology over comventional roofing processes are many. Most important of which are the high safety values it offers.
Some of these values are listed below.
- wind protected -
- leakage free -
- durability -

B-InRoof Solar Roof

Innovation in the solar business industry

B-InRoof Solar Frames

Three Power Options

- 210 Wp
- 170 Wp
- 135 Wp
- All same width ​548 mm

B-InRoof System Specification

Warranty Statement:
Power: PERC mono cells
Warranty: 25 years
Pitch: 10 - 60 degree
Hail Rating: 35 mm
Coating: PUR coating

In-Roof solar panel frames are engineered and designed with very durable thin metal.
Built into standing double-seam technology.